Elizabeth Barton’s online class

Here are a few preliminary sketches for the Quilt University online course Working in Series taught by Elizabeth Barton.  She is a really great instructor and knows her stuff. It is more in depth than I would have expected for what is charged, so it was a really pleasant surprise.  I was so afraid it would be ‘dumbed down’ and that couldn’t be further from the truth. She does a wonderful job of laying the foundation to lead us into the final 2 weeks of more intense work. Since I have an art education, most of it is repetition, but you are never too old to learn something new. Its a nice refresher of principles of design.

I have never worked in a large series before, usually jumping around subject matter that interests me at the moment. But something is lacking not only in the finished pieces, but in my passion for their completion.  The most fun I’ve had lately was finishing the Mexican pottery quilt. Thank goodness that was finished right before this class began and I feel like some momentum was built. I am ready to commit to a large series I am excited about because of this class. 

Tomorrow I hope to finalize some drawings and start planning colors by doing some watercolors. I won’t reveal the entire series but bits and pieces of it will be posted as I go along.

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  1. got a giggle from the dumbed down remark since I've taken at least 5 or 6 classes from Elizabeth. She once said to me on the first day of my 2nd one – "I'm not going to lecture too much this week" – At lunch I said – you do realize that you've been talking 3 hours right? She looked at me surprised and said – wow – guess I have!! BUT it was so informative – so educating – so what I needed to hear – it flew right past – took 11 pages of notes that morning – LOL!! so glad her book is coming out – finally! Needless to say – E never dumbs down anything!

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