Series Class Update

I did some watercolor sketches to block out color after I did the sketches. I don’t do well planning a piece with sketches, sketch books, etc. I tend to get really bogged down with it and less spontaneous.  I am much better flying by the seat of my pants. I need to SEE that it is going to work and build up steam.

I started putting cloth to the design this morning, so I am showing you the start. It has quite a ways to go.  I have a design wall, but I am using a portable piece I can move close to the cutting table. I covered a large piece of foam core with flannel and I put it on my easel. Works great!

 For this piece, rather than do a lot of surface design for a stucco wall, I found this piece of hand dyed in my stash that looks like rusty corrugated metal. Works for me!

Shading and shadows have to be added, I haven’t put the honeysuckle on it yet so this is just a very simple start.  The honey suckle will be the focal point. And it looks nothing like the pieces I sketched out, lol.

I’m working fast and furious since I only have this week. For the first time I am going to Houston Festival and we leave next Saturday! Check out Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday

6 thoughts on “Series Class Update

  1. Ok Nina Marie…it's easy to confuse an old person, lol. I thought the fence on your blog is wooden? Hmmm. guess my rusty corrugated tin could easily be a wooden fence if you look at it differently…its all in the eyes of the beholder, right???

  2. This is a wonderful piece. You have a fantastic eye. Oh have so much fun in Houston – don't miss anything. I have so many hints I could give you. Due to health and money issues have not been able to go the last 3 years and miss it so.

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