Quilters Blog Hop Party! My 200th POST!

This is soooo cool I can hardly believe it. THIS IS MY 200TH BLOG POST!  That’s what my stats say at least. I haven’t been counting!

So this is an extra celebration for me. My friends at the Quilting Gallery are having a Blog Hop Party. Back to School Days Blog Hop Party with Give Aways

Come join the fun! Tell me how you embellish your quilts.  Do  you like to use beads, buttons, hand or machine embroidery or found objects of all kinds? Answer this question by leaving me a comment and I will choose one lucky winner when the sign up closes on September 3rd.  The prize for one lucky winner will be a packet of beads and buttons to embellish your quilts. I promise these are great and many one of a kinds.

***Note*** I approve comments so your comment may not show up right away.  If you have trouble posting a comment try another browser. Sometimes Google Chrome doesn’t like me and I have to use Internet Explorer. Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up!

126 thoughts on “Quilters Blog Hop Party! My 200th POST!

  1. I'm new to quilting but I like the idea of using buttons I think they look so cute on quilts, especially the circle modern ones that are going around and that I would like to try next, thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Popped by because of your VP blog post and whoa! A celebration of 200 blog posts. Congratulations! Definitely calls for a party. 🙂 How do I embellish my quilts? Beads, hand-dyed floss/yarn, buttons, paint…not necessarily all at once, though! LOL! And I am fond of crazy quilting, highly embellished. Check out Sharon B's "I Broke the Button Box" work at pintangle.com!

  3. Gefeliciteerd met 200 bloggers. Ik ben met een klein quiltje bezig om die te verfraaien met knoopjes en draadjes, wel nog beetje moeilijk maar vind je give-away geweldig

  4. I like to add furry animals to my quilts once they are finished. I have added a bunny, dog and giraffe to my quilts so far. It adds a bit of texture to quilts and children love it.

  5. I don't usually embellish my quilts. I make bed quilts, so they need to be serviceable. I would like to make a few more wall quilts, but time is SO short! LOL

  6. I have not done much embellishment on my quilts but I have done a cat quilt with buttons and lace and beads. I also have a crazy quilt stocking that is not finished yet- it does have beads and lace on it.Thanks for participating in the blog hop. It is fun to meet so many new to me bloggers. Regards from western Canada,Anna

  7. I often use beads, applique, and thread painting as embellishments, but have recently started using fabric paints as well. These beads and buttons would be put to very good use here since you can never have too many! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these!

  8. I have a lot to learn in quilting yet. I've not done any embellishing, but I have seen some beautiful work in quilt guild's show and share.I look forward to giving it a try.

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