Off the Wall Fridays Work in Progress

 This started life as an Amish style wall quilt made with left over corners from pillows I used to make and sell. That was too long ago to think about.  Somewhere over the years as it lived in a closet it ended up in the laundry and came out crinkled and wrinkled in the way of 100% cotton quilts.. 

A couple of years ago I decided to use it as a practice piece for discharging and adding color back…yuck, it was a hot mess….then I started adding free motion quilting even though it was already hand quilted.  When my friend Liz H. came last week to play for the day I pulled this piece out of storage and began covering it with white acrylic paint to add emphasis to the crinkles and quilted lines. Suddenly I started liking where it was going.   

I’ve been adding color back into the piece with fabric paints, oil pastels and who knows what will strike my fancy.There is a lot left to do but I think this deserves to be completed in its new life.  I get in a zone when I paint so this might get finished sooner rather than later. 

 If you would like to see more quilt art WIPs, check out Nina-Marie’s blog .  This is her first link party and you all are invited to join the fun. 

9 thoughts on “Off the Wall Fridays Work in Progress

  1. Wow – talk about giving a piece new life! Really great! I think that we should do this more often with our UFO's and left overs – they aren't doing any good sitting on shelves and boxes!

  2. Wow, I would NEVER have guessed this was an Amish-style quilt in a previous life! I, too, am glad you saved this piece. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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