Sati Quilt

Here is the quilt in SAQA’s Beyond Comfort. The title is Purification No.02.

It is constructed of hand dyed fabrics, reclaimed silk saris that are crazy patched and burned with a blow torch. The piece was also painted over the quilting at the bottom.

The subject matter is the eastern practice of Sati. You can look it up if you are curious.

I was blown away with the catalog of the exhibit. I am humbled to be included with the marvelous body of work by such outstanding international artists.

6 thoughts on “Sati Quilt

  1. I hope everyone clicks on the picture to see the detail and work in your piece! I keep going back to look at it! It's WONDERFUL!!!

  2. Well, I was curious and read about the practice. You captured the practice literally and symbolically. You used fire to make the quilt, and certainly used the varying shades of fire to present the practice. Very deliberate, yet creative and informative. This is very effective and affective!

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