Sacred Threads 2013 Acceptance

Yippee! I finally got off dead center and entered something in a juried show. I’ve been on hiatus for over a year because of the surgery on my shoulder in 2012. I think entering shows may be a little like riding a horse or a bike and you have to get back on your game as quickly as you can after you fall off. Otherwise you get all sorts of self doubt and can find reasons to stay out of the game.  The only thing I entered during that time was photography in the Houston show, Eye of the Quilter.

I’m showing you a close up of Purification 2, one of my series on the outlawed practice of Sati.  Purification 1 is currently traveling with the SAQA exhibit Beyond Comfort. The gray pillar with red hand prints represents the Sati gate. The black background is burned and has both with machine and hand quilting and embroidered sparks of fire.  

The triangles of burned saris represent the widows thrown on the fire. The purpose of using triangles pointing up is that in the Hindu religion,  the triangle (trikona) is the symbol of Shakti which literally means feminine energy. When it points up it symbolizes spiritual aspiration and the element of fire which is always oriented upwards.

So this piece will be at Sacred Threads in July in Washington, D.C. in the grief category. There will be some wonderful pieces there and I’m sorry that I won’t be able to attend in person. 

SAQA Beyond Comfort Exhibit Venue

Eileen Doughty, curator, confirmed today that the SAQA exhibit Beyond Comfort will be traveling to Texas A&M   College Station, Texas and showing in the Stark Gallery  from May 23 – August 18, 2013 .  It is currently being shown at  Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio

Just to refresh you, one of my Sati quilts was chosen for this traveling exhibit by the juror, Marci Rae McDade, editor of Fiberarts magazine .  This exhibit challenges each artist to venture into uncharted territories of creative expression by turning away from the comfort zones of their established body of work. The catalog for this exhibition is made possible through the generosity of Teri Quinn.  

The show has had some impressive press articles written about it while traveling. 

Sati Quilt

Here is the quilt in SAQA’s Beyond Comfort. The title is Purification No.02.

It is constructed of hand dyed fabrics, reclaimed silk saris that are crazy patched and burned with a blow torch. The piece was also painted over the quilting at the bottom.

The subject matter is the eastern practice of Sati. You can look it up if you are curious.

I was blown away with the catalog of the exhibit. I am humbled to be included with the marvelous body of work by such outstanding international artists.