Floating Art Quilts

Chris Predd recently completed a great pictorial art quilt that you can see HERE .   She and I chat often about our art and life in general. It is one of those online meet-ups where we found how much we have in common.

She wants to display her quilt on a table top and she was thinking of matting it. I suggested that she consider a plexiglass mount for the piece. I was introduced to floating artwork between glass in college. Mounting art quilts on a single piece of plexiglass gives this same gallery look.

I searched the net to find who gives a tutorial on this and found Melody Johnson’s blog post with a tutorial. http://fibermania.blogspot.com/2005/07/how-to-mount-quilts-on-plexiglass.html .  She does a wonderful job of showing how the technique looks in different settings. 

I would also suggest velcro dots to plexiglass if you have really small pieces to display. I’m thinking of using this to display some of the ATCs I trade.

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  1. thanks, Janice for posting about my piece and a link to it. That plexiglass idea is intriguing to me too….thanks for the link.Chris

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