Vintage Singer 328K

I have an affinity for vintage sewing machines. They are such work horses and I know how to clean and repair them myself without having to pay big technician bills. 
I found this 328K …the K means the machine was built in Great Britain. It is what is called a 3/4 size machine like the steel Singer 99 but the 328  is a lightweight aluminum machine like the Featherweight. It will do a zig zag and decorative stitches with the cams that load in the top.  
I thought it was a great deal at $23 !

3 thoughts on “Vintage Singer 328K

  1. I just said the exact same thing about keeping machines repaired in my blog. I'm enjoying your artwork and blog while trying to beat the heat. The "Purification" is marvelous and thought provoking. Greetings from Tunisia!best, nadia

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