Next Traditional quilt

This is the Kaffe Fassett quilt I am in love with. I’m not good at doing lots of similar blocks but I like the graphic appeal of this quilt. Since he uses color stories rather than saying ‘buy this much of this fabric” the quiltmaker has freedom in choosing fabrics.

I have been collecting for this one for about a year and finally feel like I have enough to get started. This graphic square piecing is pretty mindless and fits my mood right now. I need to work on some structured piece since my muse has left the building as far as art quilts are concerned.

The bottom photo shows the full range of fabrics. The flash burned it out a little but I hope you can see the lights and darks.

2 thoughts on “Next Traditional quilt

  1. What is it with our muses? I notice this with several friends? Maybe I should try working on the baby quilts I need to get done!

  2. I need to step back and gain some order in my life right now. I am looking at it as if I am cleaning the studio and reorganizing the shelves. My bad thoughts and the things in my life that have thrown me against a wall need to be compartmentalized so my muse can soar again. I think by doing a traditional piece it will allow that to happen.

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