Iron Frustrations

So…..I wanted a new iron for Christmas. Right before the holiday there were many discussions on the Quiltart list about them. The general consensus was that the most expensive ones didn’t last and people talked about replacing them on a regular basis. I won’t mention brands but you can guess which ones I’m talking about.

So I picked out and DH bought me a middle of the road iron for a gift, $60 with a stainless sole plate. 1600 watts of power. Sounds great, right? It lasted long enough to be turned on about 6 times and then it would NOT turn off at all. I had to unplug the thing every time.

Back to the store and I exchanged it for another brand ; 1500 watts with a stainless sole plate.  That was January 11. You guessed it….quit working today. This one quit steaming unless I hit the burst of steam.

Back to the store again to get my money back. I came home and dug out my old Black and Decker. Great heat, steams like a charm it just has the annoying habit of turning itself off when it shouldn’t. With any luck it will limp along until the tag sales start in full force and I can buy a drawer full of gently used irons that maybe were  made in the USA.  The terribly frustrating part about our global economy and all these products made overseas??? This is just my personal opinion…the companies are saving huge dollars farming our work overseas but they aren’t passing anything along to the American consumer except second rate products.

6 thoughts on “Iron Frustrations

  1. I always save my old irons too – in case I totally destroy my current one. My problem is usually gunk on the plate and I am getting better about getting it off. Sorry you are running into so many mechanical issues.

  2. Well said!! Did you see the segment on ABC news where they removed everything from a couples house that was NOT made in the USA! Their house was empty! Only problem, they still couldn't purchase everything in the US to replace overseas items. Coffee pot, kitchen appliances are not made here hence they had to buy non-american! Hope you can find a good iron. I'm still using my MIL's!

  3. When possible I use vintage and buy vintage/second hand. At least it isn't putting more money in corporate hands and keeps a little more in my hands.

  4. I have tried an Oliso(over $100). Great features. It will stay on for 30 minutes, but the fumes never did seem to go away. Returned it yesterday. They say buy Rowenta only if it is made in Germany. I am trying what I think is called a Reliable. It is heavy. I am constantly turning it on because it goes to sleep every eight minutes. All my older models burned out, so nothing to go back to.

  5. Have you noticed that when irons are made in China 1800 Watts does not seem like 1800 Watts. My two latest irons don't seem to get as hot at the cotton/linen setting.

  6. I'm a happy camper right now. I found a new in the box 1983 Panasonic steam iron with a stainless steel plate at a garage sale on Saturday. This one was made in Japan so hopefully it will last much longer than the made in China stuff.

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