My New Rays of Sunshine

 It is a dreary, dreary day outside. The little bit of springtime we had has retreated. This girl needs sunshine!

This is the light I got at our Salvation Army store last week for $7. I was thinking I would use it for photographing quilts…if it worked. Well it works, I tried  photography with it and it was okay but the LIGHT!
OMG I thought I had died and moved to Florida.
When it is on, it is like a window in my windowless studio space. I almost expect to hear birds singing.                                                                               

Here it is next to my machine this morning. Of course you can’t get the real feel of the sunshine but I can tell you this is one of the best thrift shop finds I have ever made.

Ron said when the bulb burns out I can toss it….uuuuhhhh…not likely. I can’t see that I will ever get tired of soaking up the rays from this baby!

2 thoughts on “My New Rays of Sunshine

  1. I bought a therapy light for when I first moved to Portland. It came with a warning – don't over use!! LOL Apparently too much of the rays can make you maniacal. Just saying!!

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