Fast Friday Redux

Lots of times I start something for one of these challenges and post it on the Fast Friday blog just to have something started. If I feel it has good bones, I might take it further until I feel it is a good composition. This was one of those pieces. It was done for the curvilinear perspective challenge for this month and I was the host.
I added 2 overlapping layers of circles done in perspective as the original photograph is. I pulled some of the color from the surrounding batik into the photo transfer and pulled some of the light colors into the batik. I like the depth and perspective this finally has. 
My word for 2011 is Persevere….this piece is one of the reasons I chose that word. It is too easy to just chuk it into the trash, but really nothing is a failure if you are willing to take the time to analyze and work with it.  Just my quarter on the subject and it works for me.

One thought on “Fast Friday Redux

  1. Janice, I had to click on the piece to see the photo transfer! I do like the flow to the piece! Sometimes, just putting a piece away for a week or four! gives you a whole different perspective doesn't it!

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