Reduce Reuse and Recycle ATC

I forgot to post the latest ATC from our Arts in the Cards trade this month. I reduced my stash with a bit of batik, I reused some postcards that were damaged for the backs and I recycled the colorful bird feathers that have lived in a drawer for 6 years. 

The quote says, ” Day after day and all my days falling like leaves upon the lessening time, fluttering away.” That expresses how I feel sometimes at this time of year when my birthday is less than a month away. 

One thought on “Reduce Reuse and Recycle ATC

  1. I love any work with feathers in them! Oh, and your note on QuiltArtDigest was perfect! I'm one of those who also looks at the subject lines in the condensed mailings to see if there's a subject I'm interested in! Thanks!

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