2011 New Year WORD

Last year was the first time I chose a word rather than making a resolution. So simple, so easy to stay on track and nobody to measure my success besides me. Last year my word was “Acceptance”. I chose that word for many reasons associated with my personal life as well as my art. It surprised me how many times through 2010 I actually remembered and reminded myself to accept the situation for what it was and to accept my art for what it is. For the most part I stopped trying to fix things.

That word  was really important because of my RA. I did have a life before RA and it was different. Acceptance would not have been tolerated by my inner task master. It took me nearly 6 years of living with RA to know that Acceptance is the only way I am going to be able to pace my energy. Acceptance is the only way I can have priorities without guilt. I gave myself permission to not even try to multi-task.

This year my word is Persevere. Do you see the progression here? I think I do and I’m happy with it. I can accept my limitations but I will persevere to do the best art I can do within those limits.

Did you choose a word this year?

3 thoughts on “2011 New Year WORD

  1. Yep – you're right – it does interest me! It's a struggle at times to accept the way things are – but maybe it's the universes's way of making us pay attention to our bodies and to give thanks for what is rather than mourn for what was. I try to think of it that way anyway…..well, most days at least!!

  2. This is an amazing post. Last month, at my little art quilters group, I led one of the lunch table discussions by throwing the idea of "accomplishing growth thru realizing your limitations" out on the table…and boy howdy, they did NOT so get it. In the January lunch time conversation I will probably throw out the word 'acceptance' in place of the word 'limitation' and see what happens…the discussion is so worthwhile.Sorry about the RA. Hugs and blessings.

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