I  have been absent from the Fast Friday Fabric challenges most of the year for many reasons. One of those is that I have been working  on a specific path and some of the challenges were too far off that path. I hope that means I am finding my voice and personal style. I have been moving away from representational work to only abstract form.

I love loose edged pieces, letting the work define itself.I lean towards more organic work and adore Jackson Pollock.

This piece is composed of multiple layers of silk and silk roving that form the shapes. I like the loose edges at the bottom that take on different depth of color dependent on the color behind the piece. This is photographed against black but looks totally different against white. To square up any of these edges would box in the forms and the piece would no longer be free form. The layers are stitched with large embroidery stitches of hand dyed cottons and the finished piece was splashed with paint to add more color and another dimension.

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  1. A fabulous piece..it really is! I love the look of free form work. I clicked on your picture to enlarge to appreciate your hand work and the layers! Wonderful!!!! More..more..plz..you inspire us!!

  2. I saw this piece over at the Fast Friday Challenge and was wrapt. Love the colours and textures. I also have RA and my word for this year is also persevere although I was thinking of just get on with what I can. It took me years and sometimes it is still a struggle to accept that I cant multi task and do all that I might have once managed. It has enabled me to slow down and smell the roses. Looking forward to seeing how your art progresses. Thanks for sharing. Shirley

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