Angel Trumpet Splendor full view

I have received requests to show this full quilt. Since it won’t be entered in anything that forbids public posting ahead of time, I’ve decided to go ahead and show it.

I hope you like it as much as I do. The finished size is apx. 34 inches square.

It started as a 5 mummy habotai silk scarf. I took a class from Celia Buchanan from Dharma to learn about Jacquard’s textile paints. For this sheer look I used Dye-na-flo after first free hand drawing my design with permanent gold gutta.

The quilting is all free hand. I love to “draw” my quilting lines and fit them instinctively to the positive or negative space.

9 thoughts on “Angel Trumpet Splendor full view

  1. I came to view your new studio make over. Yep, I want one of those. However, I have to tell you this is one FABULOUS work of art!

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