Trumpets sounding

I’m taking a break from marathon quilting to post this. It is a close up shot of a painted wholecloth silk quilt titled “Angel Trumpet Splendor”. I love this quilt with all the varied colors created from the silk paint. It doesn’t hurt that the Angel Trumpet is one of my favorite plants.

I sent this to jury for the “World of Beauty” but sadly it wasn’t accepted. I recently sent this to Lark to be considered for the new book being done by Martha Sielman on the Natural World. We’ll see what happens with it.

Sometimes we artists fall in love with one of our own pieces and then don’t understand why it isn’t accepted for a particular show. I try to remember that each jury is only someone’s opinion about a work and if it fits the parameters they are looking for in that exhibit. I’ll keep entering this one until it finds a home.

Now back to finishing up today’s projects.

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