First sewing lesson

I was thrilled to give my 3 yr. old granddaughter her first sewing lesson.

We started with one color that she chose to use. Then when she discovered that grandma had lots of colors in the case she was ready to switch colors after every stitch. Of course, using scissors to cut the threads was pretty fascinating for her, too. 

When it was all done, it’s a little masterpiece of free form stitching. All of her random stitches made by “poke and pull the needle” are wonderful. I will frame it with a photo of our hands for a remembrance of our time together. Of course, we all know that this grandma isn’t the least bit biased!

3 thoughts on “First sewing lesson

  1. What a special time for you both. I'll be having a similar experience next weekend here in Phoenix with my grandgirls who will be visiting from Ohio. We all quilt together. Zoe is 7 and Mia is 4. Zoe makes the Bernina hummmmm…..

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