Art-O-Mat approved artist!

Wooo Hooo ! I received notice that I am approved by Art-O-Mat to become an artist in cellophane, or AIC for short.  A couple of my friends, Linda Edkins Wyatt and Suzan Morgan are also AICs. Another friend, Patty Cox is in the process of submitting prototypes for approval.

Online friends and groups are great. That’s where I met  these friends and discovered the quirky Art-O-Mat concept. Old cigarette vending machines are restored and repurposed to dispense miniature art. They are full of paintings, photography, jewelry, sculpture and most other kinds of fine craft and art.

This is my first item for them. It is a hand painted leather wristlet, quick and fun to do, each individually painted and crafted. These won’t be available until sometime in August but if you have a machine in your area you might find these in the slot for the brand of “Strips and Straps”. I won’t get rich on this but it’s fun to think my little wristlets will be a part of this fun repurposing venture. 


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