Quiltart Quinceanera

Quiltart Quinceanera Online Exhibit 

It was announced today that this exhibit, celebrating 15 years of the Quiltart list ,is now open for viewing. Click on the link above to view the show.

There are some outstanding quilts in the show, created by 80 talented fiber artists.

This is my piece I created for the show. There is more about it on the exhibit site. If you click on the small thumbnail, you will be taken to a single page for each quilt. Most of the quilts have a detail button to see a closeup detail of part of each piece.

I will be teaching again for the first time in many, many years.  This is a class I have designed called “Beyond Surface Design”. I’m excited to say that there really are people who have signed up to learn the process of creating an art cloth similar to this. Will wonders never cease….and I owe it all to Quiltart list and the wonderful, sharing artists who are always free with advice and direction to solve problems. Without the list I think I would still be floundering without direction. Thank you  all!

2 thoughts on “Quiltart Quinceanera

  1. beautiful piece! love the colors and textures. reminds me of the ribbon piece you did for the red ATC exchange. must be the JPD style coming through 🙂 and I love the new blog too, much easier to see the work than on the yahoo page.

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