Piles of Puppies and Quilts

My kids were curled up with their favorite quilts on the sofa in the family room this morning. They are very discriminating kids and will pass up anything warm and fuzzy for the quiet comfort of one of my quilts.

Little Lulu didn’t budge as the flash went off, but Bandit raised his head, cracked one eye as if to say “What the heck do you think you’re doing?”.

Lulu’s quilt is one I made years ago from Alexander Henry fabric in the Garden Maze quilt pattern. Bandit’s quilt is an antique tumbler charm quilt. That top piece was bought for $1 at a garage sale and was long and skinny. I reverse sewed enough to make it into a nice rectangle when I put the two ends together. It has soft cotton batting, is tied on the corners with embroidery thread and then hand stitched 1/4″ from the seam around each charm. It is bound with bias seam binding, keeping the lovely curves of the tumbler shapes.

For those of you who are running shreaking from the room that 2 beautiful quilts have been thrown to the dogs…..there is no difference of letting them cuddle with these quilts on the sofa than if they cuddle on my lap when I am covered with a quilt. They don’t rip or tear them or drag them around the room, they have a basket full of baby toys for that and we keep it well stocked! Besides, when I make a traditional lap quilt, I expect it to be used and loved and this picture is a testament to how much these quilts are loved.

3 thoughts on “Piles of Puppies and Quilts

  1. Hi Janice! I have 2 cats and I totally agree with you! My lap and bed quilts deserve love… both human and feline love 🙂 My cats are allowed to play, sleep, cuddle on my quilts, and they have never ripped a seam.I think that what we do deserve to be used and loved. I hate when someone see my potholders or dishclothes and sais "it's so beautiful, I'll never use it!"Have a nice day!

  2. I don't think that my dogs or cats have caused anymore–and maybe less–wear and tear than if a kid was using my quilts and my two dogs are 100 pounds each. They are my quilting buddies.

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