Sewing Table

[Occupied Japan Featherweight Machine]
Here is my new sewing table that Ron  made for me. We found this new table top at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and it had no legs. The price was right and I thought it would be perfect for this project.
We mounted an old sewing cabinet on the backside to make room for a 17 inch cut out at the front. This size will accomodate all of my vintage machines that I use and it made room for a set of plastic  drawers under the table. Because it was a table top, there was a skirt on all sides. That’s where he fastened a shelf board  to support the machine in the cutout. If you look closely at the right side of the drawers you will see a heavy adjustable pole we put there as extra support for the weight of the machine.

This is a close up of my 401 sitting vertically in the cutout. There are 2 pieces of masonite we cut for the sides to close the hole when the machine is there. There will be plexiglass in the future but this works great for now. This allows me to have a smooth surface, at the right height for me, and the machine can sit either horizontally or vertically. When it is vertically like this photo shows, It can be used like a mid-arm on a table.  I have plenty of table support space on both sides for a larger quilt. I am so pleased with the improvement in my comfort levle  it has made for me.

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