Corrupting Traditional Quilters

 I belong to a small group of quilters who get together once a month for fun, food and fabric fondling. In fact, our official name is Fabric Fondlers Anonymous. We have show and tell, ooh and aah over each other’s work, have a tasty lunch prepared by the hostess and sometimes we have special projects we are doing.
This started as an Applique Society Charter group…..and then I corrupted them with Art quilting. I don’t think they’ve ever looked at odd trash the same since. Here is an example of what I mean.
 Everyone came to my house to play for 2 days.  I had a good supply of rusty trash for rusting fabric and thought they all needed to be introduced to the joys of trash collecting. I asked them all to bring anything rusty they had and some fabric. I supplied the vinegar and salt.
The long funky thing was something I picked up on a camping trip that had trot line fish hooks on it but was left on shore. I cut all the hooks off and Ron put it in a storage space in the motor home. I think it might be a transmission shaft but at any rate, it had nice rust. Someone brought nails, chains, wire, fencing, horse shoes and lots of other cool stuff. These first 2 photos are the girls preparing their rust packets.  They were so excited!
This piece was wrapped around some kind of funky junk that looked a bit like an iron drumstick. I think that one came from someone’s shed. It had an interesting gear on it that made the pattern

This one was an experiment that I shared with my quilting sisters, but sorry, I can’t reveal it right now. Yes, it was all done rusting, no paint added. Pretty neat the way it turned out.

This is an accumulation of some of the things we unwrapped, hanks of threads, vintage napkins, crocheted pieces and vintage fabric.

Everyone had a good time and went home with treasures. There was only one hitch, on the way back to town they all had to drive by a junk yard. I sure hope they made it home.

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