Organizing and storage

I love to be able to see what I have to work with, but I keep muslin drapes over my shelves to avoid dust and sun fading. I tried plastic bins but found I wasn’t really organized enough to use them. Even if bins are clear, they seem to need to be labeled. They also have to “fit” into a space and the bits inside them have to fit so the lid goes on. I discovered the clear zipper bags that linens, draperies, bedspreads and such come in. They are wonderful since they come in all sizes they can hold a single project or a whole stack of yardage or bits and pieces with no home. Since they are flexible and scrunch up they can be put in odd spaces that a rigid box can’t fit into. Here is one with bits and pieces and a couple of unfinished projects zipped into it.

Ask all your friends to pass along these little treasures when they purchase something new. They usually end up in the trash so it is a win win situation.

6 thoughts on “Organizing and storage

  1. Another thing…I'm with you on needing to see stuff…as the old saying goes…out of sight, out of mind…that's so true of my mind these days! lol If I can't see it,,,it ain't there…

  2. LOL, I have been using these bags for years for just this purpose. They are great for keeping parts of projects together whether they are current or future projects. You can also find these bags at the Dollar Store if you have to break down and buy them.

  3. yup, I use em too!!! But I also TRY to use the containers that I purchased…I am in the middle of resorting and folding massive amounts of fabric…

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