Dogwood Trees

No photos today. I made the mistake of leaving my camera at home. I rarely do that. When I do there is always something I want to photograph. This time is not an exception.

My DH Ron and I are in Illinois helping my dad sort my mom’s personal belongings. This is a poignant time for all of us. It’s a time to discover little things tucked away that had specical meaning to her. Some of them my dad knows why they were kept but other things he has no idea about. I have discovered many vintage hankies that are going home with me for a memory quilt. I found a drawer of scarves, some silk, some polyester psychedelic hippie style. I discovered all over again what a tiny, tiny woman she was before she became ill and put on weight the last few years.

Today we stopped at a landscape nursery and bought 2 flowering dogwood trees. They will be planted in my dad’s backyard as a memorial to my mom. He will be able to see them when he sits in the afternoon shade on his back porch…which is where you will find him most days when the weather cooperates. I wish I had my camera to take photographs of planting the trees. They should bloom every year close to the time of her passing and I hope they will give him comfort.

One thought on “Dogwood Trees

  1. I love Dogwoods. We have a pink one in our backyard. Since I live so far from my family and I have 3 sisters, I did not get to go through my Mom's things and didn't get much. I think the hankie memory quilt will be lovely.

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