New ATCs and New group member

Marie Johansen just joined our private group of ATC members. We are keeping this small so that it remains manageable for creating and mailing our cards. We are all excitied about her art.

Here are photos of my last two ATCs for the group and what the theme was:

This trade had to be something new and different for each of us, a technique we hadn’t tried yet.  I hadn’t tried using Sharpies and alcohol so thought I would give it a go. This is on a disposable blood pressure cuff that had a wonderful soft surface. The coin is a stamped brass coin from a belly dancer’s scarf I found at one of the Ropas.
This ATC swap is our current one. Wanda came up with our theme of “Warped”, to be interpreted however you chose. I went with the creating a warp and then weaving silver toothpicks in the weft. The medallion is another of my finds from a ropa mercado. It was an elastic belt that I tore apart to yield dozens of these pewter medallions. I will put these in the mail this week after I make little bubble wrap envelopes for them.

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