Texas Studio progress or Tropical 50’s Funk

I wanted to share a few pictures of some of my finds for my Texas workspace, aka studio. On a thrift shop run I found these wonderful bright and cheerful vintage barkcloth curtains for a whopping $1.98 for the pair. Besides my signature cerulean blue, yellow is my next favorite color. I love to use it in a room because it makes even the darkest and dullest day seem as if a ray or two of sunshine has come my way. The color is a brighter yellow than the photo here suggests. They were horribly filthy so their first stop when I got home was the tub filled with cold water and oxyclean. YIKES! The water looked like Lake Okeechobee with all the tannin in it. The second wash made them nice and bright, a steaming press when they were dry and here they are.

The next picture is another find for my space. Because this is a park model mobile home, which means it is a large camping trailer that is meant to be parked long term rather than pulled from RV resort or state park to the next, everything in it is panelled. This room is what used to be the bedroom [before a room was built on] and it has one wall of built in drawers and 2 small cabinet closets. These will be painted sage green with tropical vines hand painted on them.

I was thrilled to find these wonderful frog pulls at the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop. The pulls for the drawers are tree frogs on branches. I think they are going to be just the right touch for my little tropical 50’s funky hideaway.

4 thoughts on “Texas Studio progress or Tropical 50’s Funk

  1. Wow – not all that many people have even heard of Lake Okeechobee, much less would think about it when looking at a tub of dirty water!The frog pulls are fun – a great find!

  2. Oh Janice, you are definitely a person after my own heart – you know, I live in my mobile home too, and I have named my tiny "studio" in my bedroom, "The Little Studio that Could" . . . I have such a big sense of humor that I tell folks that yes, I put the bed in there in case I get tired of sewing and want to take a nap! Chuckles! Well, I love your great fabric and your other terrific find! You know I am definitely a frog person too! Anyway, mobile homes rock! Easy to keep clean – we don't have to spend all day doing it, and hey, I am plenty comfy in the small space. I think if I had too much space, I would just fill it with "stuff" anyway.So good on you! And your work rocks!!!

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