NOT A Mola Thrift shop find

This is not a mola in the traditional sense…gotta call a spade a spade…..but I think many people understand that a mola is an intricately crafted reverse applique textile piece. That’s why I called it a mola but the real term for this can be found in the comments left by my friends. Thanks!

I haven’t had time to do anything new and exciting with my art to post here so I thought you might like to see this. Sometimes I poke through thrift shops for anything interesting that can be recycled or repurposed. At the Salvation Army store there was a huge table full of Christmas decorations and I spied red and green cotton in the pile…oh my gosh, the more I uncovered it, the more excited I got. This mola is 24 x 24 inches and is in absolutely perfect condition! It has the tiniest applique stitches and there are tiny, tiny french knots inside the red swirls and the green is embroidered with small triangles. Now, hold onto your seat, there was no price tag on it so I took it to the counter and asked the price. This Salvation Army is known for being a little pricey so I held my breath and waited….25 cents the clerk said. Whoa….I couldn’t get my wallet out fast enough and literally danced all the way to the car! It is hanging over our little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree that is decorated with chili pepper lights and punched tin. It will be a part of my decorations for years to come.

10 thoughts on “NOT A Mola Thrift shop find

  1. I think this is actually a P'an d'au, the Hmong work rather than a mola. Both use reverse applique, but this one looks more like the Cambodian work than the molas that I have from the San Blas islands.

  2. Judging from the swirly shapes, I think you may have a piece of PA NDAU (spelling?) work from southeast asia, Vietnam or a nearby country. I've seen similar pieces in the booths at Houston every year, although I am no expert. It's an awesome find, and really a steal at that price!!

  3. Thank all of you for letting me know this is Hmong rather than a mola like the colorful parrot piece I have up north. Whatever it's called, it goes wonderfully with my Mexican Christmas tree and now it's multi-cultural !

  4. I can't blame you for dancing! Isn't it a great feeling? Sometimes, I think you love things more when they are a bargain! I have one like this in oranges and I have bought others as gifts at quilt shows. I can't get over the tiny work. They are such skilled people.

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