thinking of winter and warm quilts on the bed

Every year the small town across Bull Shoals Lake has town wide garage sales. Its been OK sometimes but other times it is either the dirtiest stuff you’ve ever seen or someone buys commercial things and sets up a show room…not my idea of good sales. It was cold and rainy on Friday and Ron and I had some work to get done at home so we waited until Saturday to go across the dam..

The first place we stopped didn’t look like much but I spied a large jar I thought would be useful in the dye room so I hopped out while Ron kept the motor running…remember it was COLD!  That jar was plastic so it wouldn’t do and I thought it was a wasted stop. Then I turned around and under a table was a bin of…….QUILT TOPS.  Not vintage yet, but probably from the 90’s judging by the tiny floral calico fabrics used.

The lady said her mother was the quilter and she has over 200 finished ones. She begged me to take the quilts for $20 for the entire box. I didn’t  take the time to look closely because they had to be worth a few dollars each, right? I whipped out a 20 and the lady stuffed some strip piecing templates, rotary cutter and mat and sewing machine attachments in the box. What a deal.

The box had 5 tops in it. 2 were king size, 2 twin/full and one baby. The twin/full ones could benefit from borders to make them queen size. I decided to keep this one and have it quilted. It has a modern quilt look to it. My friend Susan Berres is going to help me baste it. Then I should be able to quilt it on my Sunshine 16.  There is nothing as cozy on cold nights as a cotton quilt!


Rescuing A Viking 6030 Sewing Machine

At the Humane Society thrift shop I found this Viking 6030 machine that was in parts. There was a plastic bag with all the pieces that someone in their intake shop had taken off the machine.  The story I was told  was that it didn’t run and they tried to fix it and decided to sell it for parts.  It was also very dirty, a slight cigarette smell…but it was only $5 and I knew that if I couldn’t get it back together and running that I could easily sell the carry case, foot control and extension table for a lot of cash on Ebay.

Since I had rescued a similar machine I knew that the biggest problem with the older Vikings is oil and grease that solidifies in the gears. If you try to run them it will crack the cam shaft and then it will only do a straight and zig zag stitch.  Sometimes they get stuck in reverse so someone will think there is a big problem.

As soon as I got home, I covered the dining room table and spread out all the parts. They had taken apart the bobbin winding mechanism that is also the reduction gear and attaches to the belt that drives the hand wheel. I had nothing to look at or figure out where all the parts went. There was even a tiny little ball bearing the size of a pin head! I was so lucky they put all these parts in the bag and nothing was lost.

After a few hours of putting it together and taking it apart just to put it back together a different way, I was ready to plug it in. The motor ran, the light worked and the controller gave it power. But none of the stitch dials moved and it ran hard. I quickly unplugged it and took the covers off so I could reach all the gears and drive bars. I liberally coated all of it with a silicone oil that melts the old grease.

This morning, I put thread in the reassembled machine and crossed my fingers. It runs perfectly!! I wish I had taken photos of the machine in parts but I hope you can appreciate that this wonderful machine was headed for the dump and now it has a new life.

Ron is so funny….he said I was the only person he knew who could spend $5 to have hours and hours of fun repairing and rescuing an old machine. It is cheaper than a movie and popcorn or even renting a DVD. I asked him if he wanted me to see if I could fix that damn light on the vintage Buick Regal that the mechanics can’t seem to fix. He told me to have at it! Hmmmmmmmm……


DSCN0026 DSCN0028

viking in parts**** This is from another site but is basically what the parts looked like that I had to put back together. The guy who did this one at least knew where each part was supposed to go and didn’t have to do a hit or miss puzzle like I did.

Lucky me… Thrifting again

I’m on a search for a Q-snap floor frame to baste quilts on. So I stopped at a new flea market in the area. There was a box sitting outside that had this stack of fabric and 20 vintage doll clothes patterns. There were Barbie Doll and American Girl Doll patterns so I asked how much they were. I wanted two patterns but the man in charge said I had to take the whole box.

The green is a simple block quilt top, the bright school fabric is 5 yards, Winnie the Pooh, Dora and the Tasmanian Devil playing soccer are 1 to 2 yards and the other juvenile pieces range down to 1/2 yards. Then there is a roll of vintage Raggedy Ann ruffles. 

I said I wanted to do some simple juvenile quilts to practice on my Sunshine 16 so after looking at everything in it I asked how much…”$2 buys the whole box” the man said. “SOLD” said me….and he put the box in the back of my van.  Guess I need to get to work.

Stash bargains at the Thrift Shop It was a good day!

I haven’t been to this thrift shop for a while. The last time I went I purchased denim yardage for 50 cents a yard for making denim rugs.  We were in town today so I thought I would stop and have a look. I guess someone was cleaning out their stash. The top photo is all the yellows I picked up for 25 cents on the red tags or 10 cents on the orange tags. The pieces on the left are a yard and the others are fat quarters or more.   The next photo shows the ‘other’ colors but again 25 cents or 10 cents. Some are colors and prints I wouldn’t use in art quilts but I plan on doing some modern lap or baby quilts to practice more on my Sunshine 16 mid arm. 

To the right is my ‘big’ purchase. The red is a crinkled ikat that measures 3 yards for $1 and the white is waffle cotton tubing that also is 3 yards for $1. This looks like a summer skirt and 3 white tank tops  for me!  Total spent today was $5.20.