Lucky me… Thrifting again

I’m on a search for a Q-snap floor frame to baste quilts on. So I stopped at a new flea market in the area. There was a box sitting outside that had this stack of fabric and 20 vintage doll clothes patterns. There were Barbie Doll and American Girl Doll patterns so I asked how much they were. I wanted two patterns but the man in charge said I had to take the whole box.

The green is a simple block quilt top, the bright school fabric is 5 yards, Winnie the Pooh, Dora and the Tasmanian Devil playing soccer are 1 to 2 yards and the other juvenile pieces range down to 1/2 yards. Then there is a roll of vintage Raggedy Ann ruffles. 

I said I wanted to do some simple juvenile quilts to practice on my Sunshine 16 so after looking at everything in it I asked how much…”$2 buys the whole box” the man said. “SOLD” said me….and he put the box in the back of my van.  Guess I need to get to work.