Covering a Singer Sewing Machine Case

 I am giving my only granddaughter her own sewing machine to learn on. I have a beautiful little black Singer 99 that is a 3/4 size and is recommended for beginners. There are no mother boards or too many dials for her little fingers to mess with. 

We had to make down a larger Singer case to the 3/4 size. This one had come with a 301 but was smashed in shipping. We needed to glue it all back together and reinforce the corners.  It has 2 coats of a high quality latex paint inside. We added 1/4 inch poplar on the sides to fill in the gaps and quarter round with leather on top to cushion the machine when she is sewing with it.  The compartment on the left is lined with felt and will hold the footpedal and electric plug.

 She is such a little princess and like all good princesses her favorite colors are pink and purple. I found these bright fabrics in my stash and they seemed perfect for the job.

The plan is to use decoupage finish to adhere the fabric to the case and to give it a durable finish.  I’ll show photos when its done. I think she is going to love it!

Oh…here’s my tip for anyone who is tired of stuck on lids for their gel mediums and decoupage finishes. Place a small piece of plastic bag on the jar before putting the lid on. Easy Peasy…no more stuck lids.