Do you believe this?

After Easter in 2013, the local Dollar General marked all the Paas Egg Dye down to a nickle.  I bought all that was left on the shelf to dye small amounts of wool and silk.   For a $2 investment I got a LOT of dye. When I got home I took it all out of the boxes to save space and put it away for safe keeping.

On more than one occasion I have torn this house apart, my studio, weaving shelves, dye room, bathroom, any place I could stuff or stick a box. Nothing. HA!  Those dyes must have gone into Holiday misfit heaven.

This morning I was cleaning off the shelf above the clothes dryer. I needed the shelf to store the feather pillow inserts I purchased for eco-dyed pillows. At the back of the shelf was the old blue granite pot I used before I got stainless dye pots. Guess where all those boxes have been hiding.  The mystery is solved, and  I can dye this winter with my new found wealth.

PAAS Medium Friends Easter Egg Decorating Kit


Indigo Dye Dipping is not just for Fabric

My two teenage grandsons have birthdays coming up. This is always a gift giving problem. One is a freshman at William and Mary and the other is in high school.  I’m tired of simply sending cash or gift cards since I don’t think they mean much to them. They do, however, write short thank you notes, actually sent in the mail and not electronically.  
As Liz and I finally got to do our indigo vat, I got into my envelope and heavy card stock to make up blank card sets. I dipped one edge of both the card and the envelopes in the dye.  They do look masculine don’t they?   I have a stash of nice leather samples from a furniture store. As luck would have it when I folded them over and stitched up the sides they were just the right size for a case for the cards.  I tied them up with a heavy round black elastic band for a closure. Now all I need to do is buy them each a pen for the set and they are ready to give.  I’m linking with Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday