Indigo Dye Dipping is not just for Fabric

My two teenage grandsons have birthdays coming up. This is always a gift giving problem. One is a freshman at William and Mary and the other is in high school.  I’m tired of simply sending cash or gift cards since I don’t think they mean much to them. They do, however, write short thank you notes, actually sent in the mail and not electronically.  
As Liz and I finally got to do our indigo vat, I got into my envelope and heavy card stock to make up blank card sets. I dipped one edge of both the card and the envelopes in the dye.  They do look masculine don’t they?   I have a stash of nice leather samples from a furniture store. As luck would have it when I folded them over and stitched up the sides they were just the right size for a case for the cards.  I tied them up with a heavy round black elastic band for a closure. Now all I need to do is buy them each a pen for the set and they are ready to give.  I’m linking with Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday

2 thoughts on “Indigo Dye Dipping is not just for Fabric

  1. Such a clever gift idea! Now to get my 17 and 10 year old grand sons to write notes! I still write snail mail and love to receive them…again, nice cards!

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