Do you believe this?

After Easter in 2013, the local Dollar General marked all the Paas Egg Dye down to a nickle.  I bought all that was left on the shelf to dye small amounts of wool and silk.   For a $2 investment I got a LOT of dye. When I got home I took it all out of the boxes to save space and put it away for safe keeping.

On more than one occasion I have torn this house apart, my studio, weaving shelves, dye room, bathroom, any place I could stuff or stick a box. Nothing. HA!  Those dyes must have gone into Holiday misfit heaven.

This morning I was cleaning off the shelf above the clothes dryer. I needed the shelf to store the feather pillow inserts I purchased for eco-dyed pillows. At the back of the shelf was the old blue granite pot I used before I got stainless dye pots. Guess where all those boxes have been hiding.  The mystery is solved, and  I can dye this winter with my new found wealth.

PAAS Medium Friends Easter Egg Decorating Kit


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