Quilting Shortcut That Didn’t Work

As my readers know, I frequent thrift shops for textile treasures. I spied this colorful batik Boston Commons quilt top across the aisle. A quick look at it didn’t show any rips, stains or bad odors so I decided it was purchase worthy.

Well, hello! After getting it home I noticed the corners. Yi-yi-yi-yi! The quilter/piecer tried a shortcut to stitch the sides to the common. Obviously it didn’t work and it didn’t fit.  There will be a lot of reverse sewing going on. I am thankful that the quilter who made this did not cut off the ends at the corners.  I think I may have some of the cream tone-on-tone in my stash if I need to add another border and I am sure I can find a good batik for a solid border.

There will be a lot of hours involved to get this ready to quilt.  I am on a self imposed hiatus from art quilting  and this project is just right for relaxing on the the deck, pick a little, sip a little tea, pick a little, sip a little tea.

   Not my quilting!
Not my quilt!



3 thoughts on “Quilting Shortcut That Didn’t Work

  1. This has happened to me too! I purchased an improved nine patch quilt online that had much sewn together. What the online site did not show was the mountainous regions where all the points came together because it was sewn wrong. I ripped out every stitch because when I realized that, I also noticed how the 1/4 seams were not all created equal. Part of it was hand stitched, and part of it was machine stitched. I removed the gremlins and entitled the quilt Green lemonade as the improved nine patch had the green melons, and melons transposed a bit is lemon, HA! It all lived happily ever after. And I am a bit wiser too!

  2. Yikes for sure. It’s really good the extra fabric is there. You have lots of work to go.

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