Rolling Along

A discussion on FB about ways to transport silk scarves to a show/sale sparked my imagination. I was going to use the standard pool noodle or pvc pipe to roll scarves on so they don’t get wrinkled.

Then I was sending a fabric order on Etsy and emptied a cardboard  bolt. It was a light bulb DUH moment.  Since I carry my inventory in vintage suitcases something flat would be perfect. So I got to work making my silk roll.

I covered the bolt with 2 layers of batting and then a layer of flannel. This is actually a flannel baby blanket with a roll hem. Simple.

I made certain to position the hem so it was in the middle of the bolt. This gives me something with some form to pin the scarves to with silk pins. Depending on the width of the scarf, I can roll 2 pieces side by side. I can continue to add layers of scarves, being careful to only anchor them on the bolt through the edge of the scarf. This also means my hang tags will lay flat and not get crinkled like they would on a pool noodle.

Works like a charm! img_0204img_0201img_0203

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