How I Have Modified My Midarm #4

The machine was getting there. Now I had to address the weak tension in the pretension and the main tension. Carol Bryant, known as WyoCarol on some forums about this machine, was offering a fix she said was all that was needed to avoid broken threads. Her fix was to add larger tension discs from a donor machine to the pretension, as well as replacing the wimpy tension spring with the stronger one.  This by itself did not fix my machine’s tension problems.  It is a big help and remains part of the rebuild. Are you getting the gist ? There  are a lot of people out there who own this machine and can’t use it. With no factory or dealer support it is every man for himself and self help.


Something I saw on nearly every other machine was a bar in the threading line as it comes off the main tension. I had to fashion something that would work. I took a quilting bar that goes on an even feed foot and bent one end into a loop. This allowed me to attach it with a screw.  The thread now is totally away from the open space and can’t get caught around the flywheel.

Oh this is really going to work! image


2 thoughts on “How I Have Modified My Midarm #4

  1. The pigtail doesn’t do the same thing. It is too far away from the tension spring. That is why I fashioned the bar. The pigtail was put to good use at the top of the machine as a thread guide.

  2. Right beside the quilt bar attachment, there is a hole. On my machine there is a pigtail thread guide that effectively does the same thing as your quilting bar attachment. Wonder if you were missing it?

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