How I Have Modified My Midarm #3

Now things are getting tricky. Nearly all other machines have some kind of 3 hole thread guide. Thread is wrapped through these to slow down the thread whiplash as it comes off the cone at high speeds. One kind is like a spool pin with holes in it. Since my local machine repair shop did not have any parts I needed I fashioned my own from a spool pin. Ron helped me drill holes to give this a try.  So far it is working.  This also meant I needed to reposition a thread guide to keep the thread off the sharp edge of the machine. Ron and the electric screw driver to the rescue again. I have ordered a metal spool pin made for commercial machines now that I know it is a good addition.

That thread cone on top of the machine just doesn’t feed correctly. The thread has to go way up and then down to the tensioners. When stitching you can see the thread whip around like a tree in a wind storm. I will be figuring out how to mount this on the side of the machine.

There are 2 more installments if you are following along.

Repositioned thread guide.
Repositioned thread guide.


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  1. it was an immediate help. There may be a machine out there without one but most have them in some form. Tension is all about taming the thread.

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