Tunic top Completed

Love how this looks completed. It is perfect  paired with black leggings and black shirt. I finished off the rolled neckline with a simple chain stitch hand embroidery. The sleeves are cuffed and the front is split. I used Sew Tina Givens Bloom Dress pattern with modifications. Nice to have something that flows over the hips!  image

4 thoughts on “Tunic top Completed

  1. Love this tunic. What is the fabric? I like using rayon batiks for this sort of thing.

  2. It’s a lightweight silky cotton from Liberty of London. All the TG patterns are made for cottons but it would be swishy in rayon!

  3. I signed in to STG to take a look. It’s pretty straight forward, but has changed since I printed to the pattern. Sign back in and go to free bees. Let me know if you need help!

    Now I’ve lost black/white prnt wool chalis with pants cut out. I have the scraps. Thinking I may have destashed them instead of the scraps!

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