Slow Stitching Snow Day

A glaze of ice and sleet on the roads means a day to stay home from the studio. With more frozen stuff predicted, it may mean more than one day with no studio time. I am thankful there was a warning ahead of time so I brought home some hand stitching.  First on my list is finishing  a long tunic top from the great Liberty of London fabric I bought in Arthur, Illinois last fall. I’m using  a Sew Tina Givens pattern with a difference or two. Always have to break the rules and give it my own twist!


4 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Snow Day

  1. This one is the Bloom dress. I cut the sleeves longer to cuff like a kimono. I don’t do ruffles! I have a couple other patterns of hers cut out ready to sew but wanted the simple Bloom dress to gauge sizing.

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