Deconstructing Books

….to reconstruct them. I search for just the right sizes of books and sturdy covers to reconstruct them into altered books and artist journals. I discovered these National Geographic books at the Yellow House thrift shop. I will have to go see if they have more since they have all the elements I look for; heavy canvas covers, great heavy gloss paper photo pages and the text pages are hot pressed  40 lb. watercolor paper.

Here are photos of the deconstructed books waiting to Become.




9 thoughts on “Deconstructing Books

  1. I am intrigued by this! Are you removing the pages, doing something to them, and then replacing them in the books? Do you have any photos of finished books?

  2. Hi Karen. The glossy photo plates will be put in my stash of mixed media papers. The books and text pages will become altered books with mixed media pages. Since mixed media is thicker than paper pages, those pages will fill in the space made by removing the color photo plates. One of these will have an altered mixed media cover and the pages gessoed for an art journal.

    I’m not sharing any finished pix yet..just think of our trading cards on larger scale, but connected in a book!

  3. I wasn’t clear that I work inside the book, leaving the text pages in them. That’s why I love these books! Who knew National Geographic made such handsome books with watercolor paper?

  4. What a great idea! Now I know what to do with my old NATGEO books!! But will have to wait until spring when we return from Florida…bad enough i take most of my art and sewing supplies…hauling books will not set well with hubby! 🙂

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