It’s been awhile…

….since I was inspired to work on new pieces.   I haven’t really figured out what the road block to my creativity has been, I just know that I haven’t been inspired to work!  So I thought I needed to get back to some basics. I worked on  a couple of UFO’s and they are nearly completed and up on the design wall in the studio waiting for quilting.  They will get further along next week for sure.  But, I still was in a creative funk. What I do should NOT be work.

Then a couple of things happened a few days ago.  I unearthed a treasure of a 221K machine at Goodwill. For those who aren’t machine aficionados, that is known as a Singer Featherweight. And it is white, or as my friend Marie said, glowy green.  After getting it cleaned, oiled and adjusted I became obsessed with making something! Ron said if he knew $8 (the cost of the machine) would do that he would have given me $8 sooner! Such a kidder…eye roll!

The second thing that happened was I found  fat quarters and 1/2 yd cuts of some fantastic fabrics at the Humane Society Thrift shop.  They spoke to me. And they are all fused up waiting to be cut for a special landscape quilt. I am excited! I think I may have my mojo back!

ice fabric

Blocking Out the Light

The light pouring in the 4 large 6ft wide windows in the front of the gallery shop should have been a blessing. But it was a curse. The scorching summer sun was frying some of the textiles.  So we have been forced to block the windows with shutters and curtains.  The curtains will be pulled back when we are open to the public but will remain closed all other times.



Inside Out Lingerie from The Forest Floor

These are too pretty to cover up completely. Let their awesomeness peek out of a sheer blouse. Stretch lace camisole and ecologically dyed slip are in the Wilde Thistle Gallery now. But remember to love the wrinkles. Size information is below the pictures.

image image

Stretch lace camisole printed with eucalyptus:
Underarm side seam 16 inches.
Front side to side 18 inches
Bottom hip side to side 22 inches

Vintage nylon slip printed with rose leaves:
Underarm front side to side 21 inches
Hips across front 22 inches
Length from arm hole to hem 29 inches

On My Design Wall

The beginnings of a new series. The pivotal fabrics are from my design in Andover fabric’s Urban Texture collection. I know it is sold out because I bought the last 2 bolts in December. If you might want some of it, send me an email. I have it available in Wilde Thistle Gallery.

I am thinking of calling the series The Colors of the Ozarks.


Do you ever just say, “gotta have it”?

I saw this great light at a thrift and thought I wanted it. Ron usually trusts me but he turned up his nose. You know…the look! I walked away but couldn’t forget about it. I really really really wanted that light to hang in the gallery window. So a week later it was still there and I snagged it. Of course he had to hang it and guess what….he likes it! He really really likes it! And I do too!


New Look!

Last month a storm ripped the awning off the studio. Thank goodness we hadn’t spent dollars on putting our name on it!  The good thing about it was the chance to choose our new awning so we could put our best face forward. After the awning was up, we were thankful for 2 days of warm weather so we could paint the window ledge and front door. Come spring time urns of flowers will complete our makeover. It was just in time. Ice is predicted for us this week!


Deconstructing Books

….to reconstruct them. I search for just the right sizes of books and sturdy covers to reconstruct them into altered books and artist journals. I discovered these National Geographic books at the Yellow House thrift shop. I will have to go see if they have more since they have all the elements I look for; heavy canvas covers, great heavy gloss paper photo pages and the text pages are hot pressed  40 lb. watercolor paper.

Here are photos of the deconstructed books waiting to Become.




Drawers, Drawers and more Drawers

Our local online swap meet had posted DMC drawers for a great price. We went to see them yesterday and while trying to decide how many to buy, the seller kept sweetening the pot. So we ended up buying all the DMC drawers and 2 drawer cabinets that are old medical slide cabinets. I feel so rich! The dividers come out so the ones not used for threads will be used for beads and mixed media supplies. Are you jealous?