Ready for Paint and Thread

the basic shapes and values are fused to the base fabric. Now I will put some accents with textile paint on the water and put a simple shape for the heron in place.  Tomorrow the painting with thread will begin. Then the piece will really come alive.

I recently purchased this large heavy easel at a thrift shop. I can lay it nearly flat to press fusible shapes down, then stand it up tp take a good look. It has worked perfectly for this piece.


3 thoughts on “Ready for Paint and Thread

  1. I love seeing this progress along. How are you feeling about it compared to the last one? Is it frustrating having to compare it to the original or freeing to be doing it a different way (almost like working in a series or something)?

  2. Hi Shannon! I’m really not sure. Because they needed this to be as close to the original as possible, there isnt a lot of freedom. All but a few of the fabrics are the originals, too. Since I dont follow patterns, this is somewhat confining. Now, had they asked me to do this in another season it would be a different story!

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