Outdoor Dye Studio Ideas

It’s time to make an indigo vat and do some dyeing. Since my dye studio isn’t equipped with plumbing I try to do indigo outdoors. Lots of water used for rinsing and I hate to see it wasted. Here are some ideas for outdoor wet studio areas. I love that a hose on the drain can be directed to the landscape areas.




The table would be perfect for my indigo vat. I can cut a round hole for a utility bucket that I make my vat in. A second inset for the water To develop color would make this perfect. No bending over and when the vat is exhausted it all folds away for storage.


3 thoughts on “Outdoor Dye Studio Ideas

  1. This is assembled from a plastic shelf from a big box store. It can be disassembled for winter storage if you like. I found photos on camping sites. Mine doesn’t have the pvc pipe above where you see the towel roll. If you can use a small skill saw to cut the holes for the tubs, you can make this.

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