My Spring Garden is a blooming quilt

My garden style is loose and layered, front to back and tall to short. Colors play against one another, like pieced quilts. I plant for a variety of shapes and colors of leaves  mixed together. My iris are blooming among the autumn sedum, nestled around the boxwood. If you look closely you can see the toad houses with their shell walk ways under the Mahonia holly. The leaves of this holly turn red after the early yellow clusters of flowers are spent. Soon the blue holly berries will form.

The woad is blooming yellow and  plays against the variegation of the barberry bush. The hostas peek out from under the azalea shaded by the dogwood. The peonie is ready to unfurl its blood red pom poms about the same time as the miniature climbing rose bush beside it. But those pictures are for another day. Linking up with

Iris mix and sedum Mahonia holly Toad houses Woad and barberry bush Under the Dogwood


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