Art Challenge Day 2

Today’s 3 art pieces are from 2004, this was a time I was flirting with making oriental art and learning oriental brush writing. The white mum and Crane and Tortoise are in private collections, the Bamboo in the Fog is one of my favorites and is in my home.  I still do some brush painting once in a while when I need to relax. I am going to nominate Sherryl Buchler for the challenge if she hasn’t already been nominated.

white mum jpainedawes

The Crane & the Tortoise copy

bamboo in the fog j paine dawes

One thought on “Art Challenge Day 2

  1. As a design student I fell in love with Japaneque art and from time to time do some Asian brush painting as well. These are wonderfully done, Janice! The bamboo is also my fave , but the crane has some distinctive personality and I like that too!

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