State of the Art at Crystal Bridges

All I can say is with the exception of a couple art works, this was an outstanding exhibit. The curators went around the USA to collect the work for this. Ron and I thought it was one of the best we have seen. Crystal Bridges has a world renowned collection of art in their permanent collections. We specifically went to see the State of the Art exhibition.  Click the link for information, videos, artist interviews and more from Crystal Bridges.

Upon entering the hall with the State of the Art exhibition, we were wowed by this gigantic art quilt. I wanted to post a photo of Ron standing in front of it so you could see the scale.  Gina Phillips, Fort Dirt Hole, 2013. She refers to her work as narrative imagery. It is fascinating to see a textile/fiber artist and how she works. It you have time watch the video posted on the Jonathan Ferrera Gallery Blog about her work. Scroll down about half way  until you see the link that says ‘see more artwork by Gina Phillips’. You will get to see inside her studio and hear in her own words what inspires her.

I’ll post more photos from the museum and grounds at a later date.


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  1. What it does for me is validate the way I use my sit down mid arm. I’m Not the only fiber artist who uses the machines in a non trad quilts way.

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