Art Quilts XIX: Permission to Play Storytelling Art Quilts

Yippee Skippee!  I had a piece accepted into this exhibition at Vision Gallery to be held at the Chandler Center for the Arts, November 7, 2014 to January 17, 2015.

I had 2 pieces I finished for another exhibition that I missed the deadline for. Because I could enter 3 pieces for the jury fee I added a last minute art quilt. Well of course you know it was that last minute piece titled “Skritch Skratch” that was accepted!  When I did this I told Ron that I knew which piece they would take if I was juried in.

I think my comments were prophetic. It isn’t the first time I’ve said something like this that came true. I think I need to channel my  words so more good things happen. Seriously, I believe that positive thinking helps good things happen and activity in your art also makes good things happen. Its like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play and you rarely win the first time.

A complete listing of the accepted artists can be seen HERE . I have never shown a photo of the quilt so won’t start now, sorry! Guess you will have to go to the exhibit to see it.

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