Chillin on a Sunday morning

We were recently at my 90 yr old dad’s. He had been in the hospital and after he got out we stayed to see that all of his home help was lined up and working.  When we go to his house, our fur babies know when they are within a mile of his house and set up a ruckus in the car. Then they rush in  to see Grandpa. This time he wasn’t there and they were confused. Mr. Bandit spent many hours laying in front of his bedroom door and LuLu and PeeWee slept on the rug in front of his chair. They couldn’t quite figure out where he was.

They were so happy when he came home. The way Mr. Bandit lets you know he needs a lap is by patting your leg. It wasn’t long after my dad sat in his new chair that he got the signal. Up went the footrest and Mr. Bandit took advantage of it while my dad read the Sunday paper. They both had their favorite spots.

photo 3

3 thoughts on “Chillin on a Sunday morning

  1. How nice!!! Just a sweet post. Hope your dad continues to enjoy those puppies!

  2. We also have four “babies”, who we couldn’t think of not having. They are fabriholics too as I tie knots in long scraps of quilting fabrics that are no longer needed. Perfect life, fabric, sewing machines and our “babies”.

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