Shark tooth

I’ve had an enjoyable few days. My son and his family were here for a visit. My granddaughter asked me to help her make  a pocket for her loose tooth.  Here is how the story goes and why she wanted a pocket for the tooth….

She had a shark tooth. That was a new one on me so if you don’t know what that is I’ll explain. Her permanent tooth is growing behind the loose tooth. She has been carrying a plastic zip lock bag in her backpack  just in case  the tooth fell out at school. And if she lost the tooth she might not get that big pay out from the tooth fairy. Remember, it doesn’t take much cash to inspire a 7-year-old. She had to have something to carry the tooth in until she got home and could transfer it to her tooth fairy pillow.

She drew a picture of what she wanted us to sew. Then we went into the studio so she could find the fabric she wanted to use. We found a yellow fabric with bright red cherries and a yellow dotted piece for the lining.  Instead of a pocket we made a little zipper pouch. She got some practice feeding the fabric through the machine so I could show her it wouldn’t eat her fingers.

Guess what happened a couple of hours after we finished the little pouch…the tooth fell out!  She decided she would put it under her pillow here with a note to the tooth fairy  that she hoped she would find her here at Grandma’s house.  And we all know that the tooth fairy can find a little girl or boy any place there is a tooth under a pillow. Ka-ching!!!